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What is a bidet?

The traditional bidet is a porcelain bathroom fixture about the height of a chair used generally for bathing the external genitalia as well as other parts of the body, such as the feet.  In decades past bidets were commonly used for performing one’s morning and evening wash (commonly known as “toilette”) and are common bathroom fixtures in many European countries.


In todays' contemporary lifestyle, housing and lack of bathroom space has led to innovative solutions for bidet users.  The Electronic Bidet is a seamless integration between toilet seat and bidet.  Commonly known as a “japanese toilet” or a “washlet” the electronic bidet was first introduced by Toto Ltd. in Japan a few decades ago and has since become a standard accessory in most Japanese homes.  

International travellers will have encountered electronic bidets in top Japanese hotels, or throughout parts of Asia.


Why should I use an electronic



Water is an important part of our daily routine - we wash our cars, dishes, clothes in water. We wash our hands regularly in water and dry them with warm air. Using tissue to wash your hands is just not as effective.  The same is true for your personal areas.
If cleanliness and hygiene are important to you, then you will find the Royalet to be an integral part of your lifestyle and general family well being.  It’s the best way to get that hygienic shower fresh feeling (aside from actually having a shower!).

Bidets are excellent for general family hygiene, as well as:

  • Aids carers of the elderly and disabled in toileting, giving them a feeling of independence and self esteem.
  • Mums with young children will feel confident that little bottoms are cleaned properly and toddlers can gain independence in toileting earlier.
  • Aiding in Post Partum care
  • Helps with hemorrhoids and constipation


Australian Standards Type Test Plumbing Safety License.


The Royalet bidet was the first electronic bidet in Australia specifically designed to comply with the rigorous Australian Plumbing Safety Type Testing procedures.  Licensed plumbers only install products which carry an Australian Standards license.

If you are considering purchasing an electronic bidet from other sources - please take care.   Some of these bidets are cheaper imports from overseas countries - not designed for use with our 240V power system and often made to inferior quality.

**Please note:  There are "fake" Royalet bidets of Chinese origin available in the market.  Please purchase from reputable dealers or call us if you are not sure.**

How do I install the Royalet Electronic Bidet?

christian louboutin Swiss replica watches, fake watches, cheap watches,replica handbags,Prada Handbags, designer bags, louis vuitton bags, Designer bags, Replica Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada handbags for saleYou simply remove your original toilet seat and replace with the Royalet Electronic Bidet seat.  All you need to do is connect to the water cistern supply using our supplied fittings, and a power source.  It’s that simple - you don’t even need a plumber.

Royalet Electronic Bidet seats - a fresh approach to personal hygiene.





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