Does it fit on a normal toilet and is it hard to connect?

The Royalet fits on many standard toilet pans but it is best to check your measurements to be sure. Installation is easy and usually completed with 20 minutes.

You simply remove your current toilet seat by unscrewing the nuts from underneath, install the bidet on your toilet pan using our supplied fittings, connect to the fresh water supply via your cistern tap and plug in to a powerpoint (excepting the RA-CWB which needs no powerpoint).

We can provide blind fixing bolts for enclosed toilet suites and have installation solutions for internal tank water connections.

Why is it better for me than toilet paper?

Water is an important part of our daily routine – we wash our cars, dishes, clothes in water. We wash our hands regularly in water and dry them with warm air. Using tissue to wash your hands is just not as effective.

The same is true for your personal areas. When you use water there are no minute traces of toilet paper left behind to irritate.

If cleanliness and hygiene are important to you, then you will find the Royalet to be an integral part of your lifestyle and general family well being.

It’s the best way to get that hygienic shower fresh feeling (aside from actually having a shower!).

Do I really need this?

People once asked this question about microwaves – now they can’t live without one!

You will find an electronic bidet an essential part of your life, cleanliness and comfort. Since ToTo in Japan introduced the Jasmin Washlet electronic bidet in 1980, the majority of Japanese homes regard these as an essential item.

How do I know if I’m properly clean?

If you feel unsure, run the wash function again or check with some toilet paper. Very soon you will feel confident with the consistent cleaning by the bidet.

Why should I buy a Royalet from Royalet Australia?

Our Royalet bidets were the first bidets in Australia to be approved according to the Australian Standards Plumbing Type Test License, and have been a trusted brand since 2001.

We have specifically manufactured our product to comply with these standards. If you are considering purchasing an electronic bidet from other sources – please take care.

Some of these bidets are cheaper imports from overseas countries – not designed for use with our 240V power system, often made to inferior quality and not supported by servicing.

**Note: There are “fake” Royalet bidets of Chinese origin available in the market.  Make sure you are getting the genuine product – purchase from reputable dealers or call us if you are not sure.**

How can it help health issues?

The Royalet has a soothing cleaning effect on conditions such as haemorrhoids and diarrhoea – it’s certainly less painful than wiping.

Using a bidet is also good for postpartum mothers, urinary/genital infections, or freshening up during menstruation. Using the bidet after intercourse can help prevent common infections like cystitis from occurring.

Can my children use it?

Absolutely. Not only will you feel more confident your children’s cleanliness is taken care of but they will also become independent and require less “hands on” assistance.

What is the Human Sensor?

All the Royalet bidets have a built in Sensor. The bidet can’t be operated unless the sensor registers someone sitting down. As soon as someone stands up the bidet automatically stops.

Isn’t there a water shortage?

The Royalet actually uses a very small amount of water in an efficient way – you would use more water when washing your hands.

Is it hard to clean?

It’s very easy to clean. Just use a mild cleaning detergent and a damp cloth.

I'm renting and/or moving house soon.

When you install your Royalet, just keep the old toilet seat packed safe away somewhere and when you are ready move, you can swap it over. That way you can take the Royalet with you.

I’m a bit self-conscious about having a bidet.

If you’ve travelled extensively you’ll realise just how many people in the world use water for cleansing, for good reason:  freshness, hygiene and environmental concerns.

It’s been popular in Europe for decades – and the Royalet is much more comfortable than a cold porcelain pan (the heated seat for one thing!) So who cares what people think? Your personal hygiene is more important. If you don’t get embarrassed, they won’t care.

The water pressure is low in my area.

That’s OK. Many bidets in our range have in-built water pumps so you will have a consistent steady stream of water 24hrs a day.

What about mixing water and electronic appliance?

Care should always be taken when using electrical appliances around water. The electrical components of the Royalet are fully enclosed in a waterproof environment plus there is a thermal cut-out switch safety feature in the hot water system.


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