I had a plumber come and fit the new Royalet bidet for me and he was most impressed with it so I gave him your details. I have shown it to our two office girls, too and they are most impressed. I think it is great. I thought you would like to know.

Sunshine Coast

Ms H

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with my new bidet. I LOVE the heated seat. Great product, well done.


Mr S. Menai

I have to admit I did not want my husband to buy one of these. I’m pleased to tell you that I now consider this one of the best purchases he has ever made. You were right, I am hooked for life! Thanks again.



As the mother of two boys age 3 and 4 1/2yrs, I have found the Royalet to be a fantastic addition to our household. My husband and I prefer it to toilet paper and it helps the children retain some independence in toileting.

The children love using it (especially the 3 year old) and even though they can’t read yet, they easily operate the buttons. It really does leave you feeling much nicer & cleaner. If I move house, it’s going with me!



I’m a Japanese residing in Australia, I resigned myself to using toilet paper. I am so happy I found this product. First time in years I feel truly clean.

Central Coast


We are really happy with our Royalet Electronic bidet! It’s very easy to use, does a great job, and looks good in our bathroom. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. My wife would even like to put one in at her workplace!



I recently installed a Royalet electronic bidet in preparation for my wife’s return from hospital after giving birth to our second child. My wife says that using the bathroom so soon after giving birth is now not a painful experience.

As for me, I think it the best thing since “sliced bread” I was a little apprehensive when using it for the first time but I must say that I am now “converted”.

It is the most refreshing toilet experience I have ever had…